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NAPE Debt Collecting

NAPE Debt Collecting

We understand that business owners are tired of empty promises for payment from debtors and then just to be disappointed when another excuse is used. Is the rendering of letters of demands by your credit department no longer enough to get your debtors to pay, or are you tired of accumulating accounts from your attorneys for the collection of your debts? Then Nape Debt Collecting Services is the answer to your problems. We make collecting overdue accounts our profession. In the day and age we do business in, it is no longer enough for a debt collection agency to simply collect the money that is due to your business, we must also act responsible and professional in order to protect your reputation and inform your debtors to respect your credit terms. We will retain the urgency and persistence needed to collect your accounts.

Nape Debt Collecting Services’ head office is situated in Pretoria but we provide our service nationwide. We belong to the Council of Debt Collectors and you can be assured that we always operate within the boundaries of their strict code of conduct.

Our client base stretches across all Industry Sectors:- Municipalities, Engineering, Retail, etc.

Some of the advantages of using our services:

Cost effective:

We agree upon a standard fee based on a percentage of the debt you need collected. A contract of cession is then entered into, which would put us in a position to retrieve any outstanding debts via any legal route. We only charge a small percentage for disbursements related to the collections of your debts and same will be collected from your debtors. Therefore you are only responsible for the percentage collection fee and the small percentage reimbursement costs; no hidden or additional costs are involved.

Pro-active action:

One of the biggest problems businesses face is that they do not collect their debts when they become due. This entails a lot of problems for collection in that the debtors cannot be found, debtors are not placed in mora and mora interest cannot be charged on the debts and the debts could possibly prescribe. We assist our clients in hands on assistance when debts become due, we provide debtors with courtesy letters, sms’s, e-mails and courtesy calls from the onset of the debts becoming payable. Therefore your debtors would know that you are serious about collecting payment and furthermore the above mentioned problems are avoided.

Some of the benefits of using our services includes, but are not limited to:

  • Telephonic conversations with debtors are recorded and saved on our servers which get digitally backed up at 00:00 every day.
  • Free company credit reports
  • We have legally qualified as well as extensively trained collectors
  • You will receive immediate collection action when you make use of our services
  • You will receive free monthly updates and reports
  • Installment and settlement negotiation is done on your behalf and you are not required to sit through endless meetings and round tables to conclude same.
  • National field agent network
  • Dispute resolution

Our service fee varies from the age, value and complexity of each collection.

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