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Labour Law Practitioners

Labour Law Practitioners

We are a partnership of independent, highly qualified and experienced Labour Law professionals offering solutions to the private and public sectors. We give Labour Law advice and support, in-house restructuring and transformation, assisting with Corporate Management as well as training and motivation. We develop relevant and unique solutions to address business challenges within any environment. Our unique value is in our ability to deploy customised solutions. We partner and augment the existing and management of the Company we work with. We draw on our specialist practitioners to provide comprehensive business solutions through the diagnosis of the problem, formulating the necessary strategies and action plans for rapid impact solutions and supporting the client on an inclusive and consultative basis through the implementation and post-implementation phases.

Our aim is to provide a sustainable capacity within the client organisation to implement and maintain viable long-term competencies to triumph over the challenges faced by the organisation.

We handle the following on your behalf:

  • Attendance by our Attorneys and/or Specialist Consultants to chair disciplinary or appeal hearings
  • Attendance by our Attorneys and/or Specialist Consultants at Mediation and/or Arbitration
  • Attendance by our Attorneys and/or Specialist Consultants (your HR Manager) at all levels of the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and/or private arbitrations
  • Attendance by our Attorneys and/or Specialist Consultants at the Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court

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