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HR & IR Outsourcing

HR & IR Outsourcing

Human Resources (HR) Management:  enhancing the skills of the staff through professional development, the process of performance and disciplinary processes, conflict resolution, position descriptions and recruitment.Industrial Resources (IR):  award & agreement information and interpretation, advice on terms and conditions of employment by means of workplace counselling, discipline and/or termination.  Also obligations, claims management, provisions of wage rates and other info relevant to the employee.  We represent the client’s interests in industrial tribunals and negotiations with stakeholders including the various unions.During our in-depth investigations it was identified that, due to time constraints and related factors, the majority of permanent HR and IR Managers are not up to date with the current case law and subsequent amendments to the diverse Labour legislation which includes, for example, the following:

  • Minimum wages and changes in wage calculation
  • Conditions of Employment
  • Employment Equity
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • BBBEE, etc

Employers understand the need of a HR or IR Manager but some companies find that the cost of employing such a Manager too high or that the service of such a Manager not seen as a full-time requirement.

The benefit of a HR / IR Manager

  • Explaining and handling of Employer/Employee contracts
  • Assisting in the general introduction of the company
  • Intensify the interaction and communication between the Employer and the Employee
  • Taking over the disciplinary procedures and grievance procedures of the company
  • Such a person also assists with the following:
    • The implementation of an Employment Equity Plan and provide guidance and advice with regards to the BBBEE as currently required by legislation.
    • Act on behalf of the Company at the CCMA or Bargaining Councils during arbitration proceedings to ensure that the Employer does not have to attend time consuming processes
    • Deal with all Union matters that arise in the workplace.

Companies prefer to deal with HR and IR issues in-house where all the relevant information is immediately available so that any issue that may arise are under control at all times.

Why is making use of NAPE a benefit to the Employer?

  • NAPE takes all the responsibility
  • Should an Employee’s service be terminated and a case is lost (i.e if it was found to be procedurally unfair) the award will be for the account of NAPE.

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