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Dealing with Employee Absenteeism Post-Festive Cheer


The festive season is a time for celebration, relaxation, and joyous reunions. However, as the decorations come down and the new year kicks into gear, employers often find themselves facing the challenge of increased employee absenteeism. If you're wondering how to navigate this post-festive absenteeism conundrum, while staying within the bounds of South African labour laws, you're in the right place!


The Festive Hangover: Unpacking Post-Holiday Employee Absenteeism


As the holiday spirit winds down, it's not uncommon for some employees to extend their time off, resulting in unexpected absenteeism. Whether it's the allure of an extended holiday or simply the struggle to return to the daily grind, employers often grapple with the impact of absenteeism on productivity and the various difficulties in correctly dealing with the issue.


Understanding South African LaboUr Laws: Your Beacon in Uncertain Times


Navigating employee absenteeism requires a solid understanding of South African labour laws, the code of good practice and the various pieces of case law that impact the accepted practice of dealing with absenteeism.


The Do's: Best Practices for Employers


Clear Communication: Maintain open lines of communication with your employees. Clearly communicate your expectations regarding attendance and any consequences for unauthorized absenteeism.


Leave Policies: Ensure that your leave policies comply with BCEA and are well-defined and easily accessible. This includes outlining the procedure for requesting leave, notice periods, and any supporting documentation required.


The Don’ts: Pitfalls to Avoid


Assuming the Worst: While absenteeism can be frustrating, avoid assuming the worst without proper investigation. Employees may have legitimate reasons for their absence.


Ignoring Communication: If an employee is absent, communicate promptly, at least 3 to 5 times asking the employee where he is. Ignoring the issue can lead to misunderstandings and complicate matters further.


Skipping Disciplinary Procedures: Just because an employee is absent does not mean you can skip the disciplinary process and advise an absent employee that they are no longer employed by your company, as this can result in legal complications.


NAPE: Your Partner in HR & IR Efficiency


At NAPE, we understand the challenges that employers face, especially during the post-festive period. Our mission is to empower businesses by not only providing valuable insights into navigating HR complexities but also standing right by your side and ensuring that the communication you send out to absent employees are lawfully correct.


Navigating any process involving misconduct with an employee can be a rocky road.

As you embark on the journey that 2024 holds, remember that a proactive approach is key. Ensure that your workforce is informed about your company`s policies and procedures, and what is expected from them, and should they step out of line you must act quickly, fairly and consistently.


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